Home Music Lessons

Home Music Lessons Australia provide lessons to children and adults of all ages, with teachers who are experts at breaking music down music into simple, easy-to-learn concepts in order to share their vast musical experience with students whose interests range widely across musical genres. Unlike some music schools, our teachers will not force students to learn boring material by sticking to rigid lesson plans – we recognise the importance of custom-tailoring every lesson to the student, and as such, the content of lessons can vary greatly depending on individuals musical goals and interests.

Below are just a few examples of lesson content our teachers have incorporated into lessons to make them as enjoyable and productive as possible for their students.


  • Working through a list of the students favourite songs, simplified by transposing the key, substituting chords or isolating popular melodies in order to ensure the student can make steady progress while still enjoying themselves and building a repertoire of music they enjoy playing.
  • Introducing the student to new music which is appropriate to their level and allows them to make use of the musical patterns and techniques currently being worked on.
  • Devising exercises to target the simultaneous development of musical skills that encourage sustainable playing techniques.
  • Emphasis on allowing the student to enjoy exploring the new instrument and setting fun homework tasks that ensure steady progression.


  • Exposing the student to a wider variety of music which allows the students to widen their musical vocabulary of more advanced of rhythms,
  • Incorporating basic improvisation / composition into the current lesson material.
  • Incorporation of basic music theory by teaching the student to recognise the patterns and similarities between different songs being learnt.
  • Songwriting and composition.
  • Development of enjoyable homework tasks that encourage self-learning and the development of musical independence.


  • Exam preparation and tertiary entrance audition preparation.
  • Advanced instrumental techniques.
  • Advanced songwriting and composition.
  • Working with the student to design a practice schedule that allows for rapid advancement
  • Performance techniques/analysis.
  • Advanced improvisation practice.
  • Development of a personal style by incorporating the sounds and applying the techniques of the students favourite musicians into the student’s new and existing repertoire.

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