Lesson Terms and Conditions

  • Teaching holidays and Public holidays are to be confirmed at the beginning of the lesson period, but may be subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, we teach lessons all year round.
  • Twenty four (24) hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment without the client being charged for the appointment. Appointments missed through the clients non-attendance without the above notice being given will be charged for.
  • Where multiple appointments are missed by a client during a term, our ‘Fair Go’ policy will apply: a weekly student will be allowed to cancel or reschedule up to 25% of booked lessons where twenty four (24) hours notice is given, however every appointment missed outside of this allowance will be charged for at the full rate.
  • Appointments cancelled by Home Music Lessons Australia staff will be carried forward in credit or refunded.
  • If for any reason following the first lesson with a teacher the client is dissatisfied, Home Music Lessons Australia will assign a different teacher before the following lesson, and if a suitable substitution cannot be agreed on, the client is guaranteed a full refund on all remaining lessons.
  • Reference to the ‘the client’ in these ‘Terms and Conditions to Enrolment’ includes the parents or guardians of under-aged clients where the context allows.